Editorial: Obama’s Bushed, boycott BP

By Frank Schier
Editor & Publisher

June 8 was World Oceans Day. The Nature Conservancy (www.nature.org) brought it to my attention on Facebook, so I Googled the day and discovered the official Web site (http://theoceanproject.org/wod/index.php), and it seems the international day is only two years old, as it was declared by the U.N. in 2008. I’m not so sure they’re really jumping up and down in celebration of this in the Caribbean. Sadly say, “Yippee, BP (British Petroleum).”

June 8 is already fading from memory, but the absolute disaster of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will be with us every day for many decades, and assuredly will affect the world oceans. Besides slaughtering life in the Gulf, the Atlantic Ocean will get nailed next. Not so oddly, in the North Atlantic, supervisory checks to oil rigs there have been increased by the British government. Hey, Denmark is right around the corner!

Why do I bring up Denmark? Because once upon a time, an old buddy of mine whom I disrespectfully refer to as “Billy Shakingrod” fished out a line, “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.”

In the play Hamlet, Marcellus said that to Horatio in reference to a fish rotting from the head down as a metaphor about the death (murder) of Hamlet’s father and perhaps even Hamlet’s state of mind. So besides the absence of a king or leader, Hamlet is suffering from a bad case of indecision, or “Can’tus getus buttus in gearus,” and the stain of tragedy begins to spread throughout the play.

We have oil spreading out in the Gulf to the oceans of the world, with real, hard impact right now on the wildlife and fisheries of our southern shores. President Obama, (who is starting to look like his predecessor who listened to a children’s story as the 9/11 tragedy struck, and must have thought a bad girl, Katrina, shouldn’t be dealt with because he was married) said in a recent press conference he was doing everything he could; and when he asked his critics what they would have done to solve the crisis immediately, they stare blankly at him and had no answer.

If I were asked that question, I would say, aren’t you the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America? Do you  have nuclear submarines at your command? Why weren’t they dispatched  to the site in the first hours of this mess? Certainly they have technologies that could have assessed the damage more quickly than the commercial concerns.”

Before the world’s attention got there, every fan of G.W. Bush and his controller Cheney, a former Halliburton CEO, should really know that Halliburton was there pumping cement into the well. The cap installed may have leaked gases that caused the explosion, according to many lawsuits filed naming Halliburton at this point.

Alex Jones, at http://www.infowars.com/evidence-points-to-bp-oil-spill-false-flag/, asserts Goldman Sachs and Wachovia dumped major amounts of BP shares in the first quarter before the disaster.

Why was BP left in charge of this operation, with the Coast Guard acting as gophers? Why does the primary concern seem to be the continued operation of this deep sea well rather than the jamming of it? Why do you, as president, allow BP to keep saying they are making progress when they are actually failing?

As John Branch’s cartoon in the Chicago Sun-Times shows BP CEO Tony Howard saying, “the environmental impact is likely to have been very, very modest”—the BP logo reads “BS”—how true!

How can you even consider more drilling of our coasts, when even now, as pointed out by www.balloon-juice.com/2010/06/07/im-seeing-a-pattern/ that the Houston Chronicle reports: “And yet, in their investigations of nearly 400 offshore incidents, Minerals Management Service officials failed to travel to one-third of the accident scenes, collected only 16 fines and did not investigate every blowout as their own rules require.” Those are your people, Mr. President.

I’ll give you the short answer, Mr. President, you won’t mess with the mess-makers—the Oil Industry. You may be Bushed; we’re not. Let’s boycott BP today, and call for Congress to pull every Halliburton contract as soon as they expire. Mr. President, stand up to those who are rotting the State and retool this country for renewable energy now. Send in the Marines. Really be the decider, for World Oceans Day is really every day, and counting—one pelican, one shrimp…

From the June 9-15, 2010, issue

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