To the Editor: An immigration analogy

I would like to present an analogy regarding Arizona’s illegal immigration law. Suppose someone goes into a convenience store and steals something and then gets arrested. He looks at the prosecutor and asks, “Why are you prosecuting me? All I did was break the law.”

This business in Arizona is not about profiling, discrimination or politics. It is about the state being coerced into creating a law that the feds already have, but refuse to enforce. John Morton, head of ICE, has stated that if Arizona presents them with illegal aliens, they will probably not deport them. This is the voice of our federal government, folks, refusing to deal with people who have, and are, breaking our laws.

Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, have irresponsibly condemned this law without even reading it. While their condemnation is touted, people in our border states are dying at the hands of Mexicans who are here illegally. It is time to get real. Today, Arizona, New Mexico and California; tomorrow, the nation. Let’s let Obama and company know that it’s time they started supporting the United States, rather than any foreign country that wants to take advantage of us or do us harm.

Dave Willis


From the June 16-22, 2010 issue

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