To the Editor: Rebuttal to ‘Tired of Prime Time Blago’

Regarding the guest column “Tired of Prime Time Blago” by John Russell Ghrist (June 2-8 issue), I must take exception to several assertions.

First of all, he says, “It’s time for Blago to go to jail.” He wrote that before the trial even started. Now, Blagojevich’s politics are repulsive to me and always have been. Yet, everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence. Even this guy. I thought he was just awful as governor. Now, I see him as a sympathetic figure. Politicians lie and steal. Blagojevich is (was?) a politician. So he should go to jail, and the rest of them can just carry on? Where is the justice in that?

Mr. Ghrist also complains about losing his cushy state job. Oh, he tells us about “all night dispatching,” “snow storms” and other hardships. All whining! He adds to this silliness by saying, “Good jobs are impossible to find in this bad economy!” More false assertions and more whining.

Finally, Mr. Ghrist is compelled to tell us about how he “was never able to find a similar position,” his bankruptcy and foreclosure, and how he was “laid off again at another position.”

This guy is a poster boy for the millions of people who think they must be taken care of cradle to grave, and if they have trouble… well, it must be someone else’s fault. Mr. Ghrist thinks it’s Blago’s fault and wants his pound of flesh.

Richard Gribbins

Polo, Ill.

From the June 16-22, 2010 issue

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