On Outdoors: Plastic worms go dark in murky water

Big bass can detect a dark-colored plastic worm in dark, murky water much easier than a bright, flashy lure. Photo by Jim Hagerty

By Jim Hagerty
Staff Writer

While recreational fishing is meant to come with relaxation and opportunity to take in the beauty of nature, failing to catch fish can bring as much anxiety and frustration as the busiest day at work. For anglers after trophy bass, most understand the fish can be difficult to catch if bait presentations are flawed.

The worm is the most trusted bait for largemouth bass. The plastic worm is the most trusted lure. Some anglers, however, commonly resort to flashy spinners, multi-colored contraptions and busy lures that a hungry musky or northern pike would be scared to approach. True, bass are sight-feeders. This often leads many to resort to buzzing a dream coat of technicolor worms through the water in hopes every lunker largemouth will attack. Quite the opposite is true. Here’s why.

When fishing with plastic worms, dark, murky water calls for a dark-colored worm. A dark worm will not reflect light but absorb it, making the lure more visible as it weaves through the murk. Black, purple, brown and dark red plastic worms are acceptable in most waters locally.

Local fishing report

Rock River catfish anglers are finding success throughout the region while river smallmouth bass seem to have taken a trip elsewhere. Several Kishwaukee and Rock smallmouth regulars have taken to other areas this year, in hopes the species makes a speedy return for the 2011 season. Largemouth, walleye, musky channel cats and perch are hot in Pierce Lake, while recent rain has stirred up activity for northern pike throughout the area.

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From the June 23-29, 2010 issue

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