Literary Hook: ‘The Clearing: Haiku in Spring’

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

In our continuing series about The Clearing in Door County, Wisconsin, please enjoy these haiku written by Carol Fox. She participated in the writing workshop there.

As stated on her Haiku in Spring chapbook: “Carol Fox has been a librarian, teacher, professor, consultant, and author. She has also loved to read and write poetry. The Clearing in springtime is a beautiful poem of its own. These haiku are Fox’s expression of some of that larger poem.”

She is also a member of the Tuesday Writers Group.

The Clearing: Haiku in Spring
By Carol J. Fox

Drooping yellow bells
Tolling amidst pale green leaves
Solemn soothing silence

Great White Trillium
Full face to the moon
Spread over the forest floor
Snow white and gleaming

Midnight Haiku
The night’s clouds and rain
Whirring, whistling wind in the trees
Became two bright stars

Dwarf Lake Irises
Elfin purple beauties
Nestled rare and mystical
Ball gowns for sprites

Lady Slippers
Yellow baby shoes
Puffed up near lacy tendrils
Newborn tenderness

Northern White Cedar
Shoreline arborvitae
Tendril roots grow on rock cliffs
Alive for centuries

Glistening raindrop
On the flat green leaf of spring
Sure sweet core of life

Sun on the water
Golden whitecaps dance toward shore
Then break into laughing sparks

Buried in green leaves
Purple plum wine mauve pink white
Demure profusion

Niagara Escarpment
Great gray limestone cliffs
Tower over rocky shores
Bedrock of my thought

Great white trillium
With four leaves and four petals
You shock the sense of possible

Wild Ginger
Emerald green lobes
Hiding bells of deep crimson
A find of pure pleasure

American Elm
Childhood friend and protector
You live again here

Christine Swanberg has published about 300 poems in 70 journals and anthologies. An interview with her appears in the 2008 Poet’s Market.

She is available for mentoring through Jane’s Stories Foundation. Part of her mentoring is suggesting possible journals.

Swanberg’s books include Who Walks Among the Trees with Charity (Wind Publishing, Kentucky), The Red Lacquer Room (Chiron Publishing, Kansas), The Tenderness of Memory (Plainview Press, Texas), Slow Miracle (Lakeshore Publishing, Illinois), Invisible String (Erie St., Illinois), Bread Upon the Waters (Windfall, Wisconsin) and Tonight on this Late Road (Erie St., Illinois).

She teaches writing at The Clearing in Door County, Wisconsin, and gives workshops and readings thoughout the United States.

From the June 30-July 6, 2010 issue

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