This week in The Times: Anna Mulvany

Vitals: Anna Mulvany, 33, is originally from Loves Park. After attending Northern Illinois University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in education, Mulvany returned to the Rock River Valley to teach special education. When not busy working, she enjoys swimming and spending time with her family.

1. Now that school is out for the summer, how will you pass the time? The summer months give me a good chance to stay at home with my kids and certainly save money on daycare. We usually start our day off with breakfast, then go swimming once our food has had time to digest. After that, we run errands and go to the parks for different activities. Imagination Station at Sinnissippi Park has become one of their favorites.

2. What is your favorite warm-weather activity? Swimming, and being outside with my family. I worry about us not getting enough exercise and spending enough time outside. I don’t want us to turn into a family of couch potatoes.

3. What is the most challenging aspect of your job? Honestly, the most challenging aspect is knowing when to not get so close to the kids. Most kids struggle nowadays, but the students I teach have learning disabilities, which makes matters worse for them. I struggle with watching them struggle. There’s a fine line to walk between teaching and caring, but I try my best to straddle that line and do a bit of both.

4. What advice would you give a young person considering going into the teaching field? I’d tell them to, first of all, study hard. It’s a lot harder than you think it will be. But, I’d tell them to be prepared to care deeply about the children they teach. That’s the hardest part, not getting too involved with the kids you spend all day with.

5. Question from last week’s “This week in The Times” participant, Dez Souvannasane: How do you plan on celebrating the Fourth of July? We usually stay in town for the fireworks, but this year we are going to northern Wisconsin to spend our three-day weekend in a friend’s cabin. Plus, the city closest to the cabin has a nice enough fireworks display, which we can watch from the dock behind the cabin.

“This week in The Times” is a weekly survey of people selected by The Rock River Times staff. The column does not accept unsolicited submissions.

From the June 30-July 6, 2010 issue

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