To the Editor: How are things in cushy Polo, Ill.?

The Rock River Times offers anyone the opportunity to write letters to the editor and share an exchange of viewpoints on every subject. In recent weeks, I have told my story of what happened to me while I was a hard-working state employee. Contrary to what one reader wrote, my position was not a posh job. I spent 19 years working at IDOT for the taxpayers. Political crooks like Blago’s pals took my job. These are the same people that also defrauded the citizens of Illinois. This is all being played out in the courts now.

I did not know anyone at the state and went through normal channels and waiting periods to get my position. I started at the bottom and worked upwards without any political help. I chose state employment because it was a steady job and had good benefits, unlike the kinds of jobs that disappear quickly with the bad economy.

I would also like to clarify a couple of other matters to that reader in Polo, Ill. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial. The letter I wrote was written and published about five weeks earlier than the publication date in the RRT.  The delay changed that letter’s meaning a bit. My letter told about what happened to me behind the scenes of state employment. This is no different than people writing to newspapers urging readers to vote for certain candidates. Everyone can express their viewpoints.

Secondly, many people in line at the unemployment office would agree with me that employers do not hire good workers near the age of 60 anymore. This makes restarting one’s career very difficult.

In this day and age, people need to speak out against political crooks and people who have been in office too long, etc. I have been to Polo, Ill., in the past, and it’s a nice, quiet town. Talk about a cushy life; there is probably no political corruption there or trouble of any kind. I am sure that if someone pulled the rug out from Mr. Gribbins’ career, he would be screaming louder than I am now.

John Russell Ghrist


From the June 30-July 6, 2010 issue

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