To the Editor: Our liberties turned into slavery

We are living in desperate times! Because our world’s leaders have forsaken their true God. But have our conditions improved  “for a better change”? So, as President Barack Obama had stated, not really! Because almost everything that he has tried has been falsely leading us toward socialism (communism)! But I believe that Republicans’ “tea parties” will not change our President Barack Obama’s (very inclusional and liberal) mind. Why? Because he believes that he has all the answers! And ever since 1776 until 2010, there are secret organizations (the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, and Skull and Bones) that have almost accomplished delivering many countries (and the U.S.) back under the large thumb of the British (and Nazi Germany) slavery (the EU). But does President Obama care? Not really! Because he is under the false impression that he will deliver our country from our economy’s plight through his socialized medicine insurance!

But this unorthodox plan shouldn’t have been allowed to be passed! And I ask, was the Reichfuhrer Adolf Hitler correct when he wanted to become the world’s leader? No! But this next Reichfuhrer will be far worse than his predecessor (A.H.). Also, why hasn’t President Obama’s administration and our journalists kept us informed as to the latest developments in the EU? Because they do not want to tip anyone (divulge) until it is too late to back out of the (Nazi-minded) European Union! But these unethical people will have to first declare a national emergency because they have known for 234 years (1776 to 2010) that through our own greedy nature, we will then turn our money into worthless paper! And very soon, this will happen. But who is this new (Nazi) leader of the EU? He is the German defense minister! And his name is Karl Theodor Zu Gutenberg. He is a very rich aristocrat, influential, who is also referred to as the Reichfuhrer! And through his diplomacy, plus his smooth words of flattery, he will falsely lure many countries into the EU. How? According to the book of Revelation, “a second beast shall arise out of the sea” (the sea of humanity). And then he will pretend to be a lamb. But he shall speak as a dragon! But who is this dragon? He is a mortal man (whose number is maybe 666) and he has a depraved mind of the devil!

Philip Wilson


From the June 30-July 6, 2010 issue

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