RAM Talks Art: Alchemy and Image children’s programming

By Carrie Breitbach
Education Director, Rockford Art Museum

Summer is half over. (I hate to start anything off with a negative, but let’s face it, summer is half over.) Teachers are starting to perspire with anxiety that the school year is almost upon them again, but I can guarantee the kids are still at the pools, playing in camps and riding their bikes. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to give you more information about how to keep your kids busy and learning for the remainder of the summer.

Rockford Art Museum (RAM) offers two more children’s programs based on our current feature exhibition—and a Superhero Training Camp!—at the tail end of the summer. The exhibition, Alchemy and Image, features nationally-known Magic Realism artists T.L. Solien, Fred Stonehouse and John Wilde, and remains on display through Aug. 29.

The first class, “Who’s Your Mummy?” (July 17, for ages 6 and older), focuses on the history behind mummies and the symbols that ancient Egyptians used to decorate them. Kids get to create life-size mummies and decorate them however they wish. Mummies or the pool? No question…mummies.

The last class, “Mixing Up Magic: Invisible Ink Potions” (Aug. 21, for ages 5 and older) lets students become little Harry Potters by stirring up invisible ink concoctions to paint onto paper, then learning how to expose the scene. No finger-painting here; we combine art and magic for a Saturday afternoon of good, old-fashioned fun.

Finally, RAM teams with Rockford Dance Company and Discovery Center to debut a super-creative day camp focused on the arts and sciences: Superhero Training Camp (Aug. 9-13, for ages 8-11). This weeklong training camp allows kids to create their very own superhero that reflects them. During this week, kids will design costumes and create logos to distinguish their character. Then, it’s time to learn what special powers they have by experimenting with X-ray vision, laser powers and invisibility. We will then focus on conditioning the kids to use their bodies for fierce moves and poses that will round out their own personal superhero. And they’ll show off all they’ve learned and created in a final performance on the last day of camp. (Mind you, this class is only for kids. Please refrain from signing up if you are 12 and older…I’m not kidding.)

So, if you are reading this, and you want your kids to get off the couch and stop playing video games, call us and register them for some fun art programs.

To register for classes or the camp, call RAM at (815) 972-2874. Questions? Check out our Web site at www.rockfordartmuseum.org. (For the direct link, click on “Education” and go to “Classes/Lectures.”)

Contact Rockford Art Museum Education Director Carrie Breitbach at cbreitbach@rockfordartmuseum.org.

From the July 7-13, 2010 issue

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