To the Editor: Conformity is slavery

Will President Barack Obama change his (very liberal) thinking before he has destroyed our country? It’s not likely! Because he had claimed (as Senator) that he had the experience to become our next president. But how could he if he had only 178 hours in the Senate (about 22 days)? So, more or less, Senator Obama had told the voters whatever it took to get elected. But then he had continued his predecessor’s (G.W. Bush) same agendas! (Business as usual) and a president of the United States shouldn’t belittle himself by bowing to a Saudi Arabian oil tycoon! And when Obama was handing out free bailout money, many of the undeserving corporate owners received it, but they had given themselves huge bonuses and elaborate vacations! But he had also lent federal money to the supposedly ailing banks, which was probably never repaid. And guess what President Obama did next? He again lent some bankers another $1 trillion (here we go again) in hopes that it would stimulate our economy and the banking industry! But the stingy bankers are now using the excuse that “we cannot give you any home equity loans because the housing bubble is too unstable” when the bankers are loaning it out to someone else, who is willing to pay a much higher interest rate!

But why isn’t America being kept informed about the European Union and its latest developments? Because there are two secret organizations, the Bilderbergers in Europe and the Skull and Bones here in America! Their purpose is to get certain influential people elected so they can manipulate everything. The unchecked inflationary period, the housing bubble, and now the home prices at only 15 percent is the result. Another reason is there are very few jobs. But while we (and other countries) are struggling, the European Union’s constitution is almost ratified. For their German defense minister, they have picked Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg! But to his German associates, Mr. Guttenberg is called “the Reicfeura”! (reference: Philadelphia Trumpet) He will lure many people into the EU, pretending to be meek as a lamb (promising everyone world peace), but afterward, he will speak as a dragon, because the Europeans have allowed the Nazis to take control of everything.

Philip J. Wilson


From the July 7-13, 2010 issue

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