Literary Hook: Finding ‘Wisdom’s Wild Fruition’ in the garden

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

It’s hard to believe July is already here. The garden is coming into fruition. Here is a sonnet that compares wisdom to the fruition of a garden, sometimes uncontrollable.

One of the great joys of retirement often mentioned in this column is gardening. If you are a gardener or a person seeking wisdom, I hope this sonnet will speak to you.

Wisdom’s Wild Fruition

Because the price of wisdom is so high…

Like trumpet vines in wild fruition,

Wisdom tangles and spirals towards the sky

And cannot be controlled. Come, completion

Of roots, bulbs, and seeds. Flowers and trees

Become. Deep within the soil grow.

Essence of red roses in summer’s breeze.

Yet inward, wisdom to the rich river

Goes, nourished by the inland sea’s fresh flow.

Then the receiver becomes the giver.

The price of wisdom is so high because

Paradise is a garden returned to

Bruised, where only mercy and nature’s laws

Inform the open heart. red nose renew.

From the July 14-20, 2010 issue

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