Astro-Weather: July 2010 overview

By Guy Spiro

Through July, the positive overriding Uranus semi-sextile remains with us as it does for the next couple of years, and we must not lose sight of it. We are very fortunate to have it through this period. This beneficent interplay between revolutionary social change and spirituality reflects the prevailing direction of U.S. society and the world at large, even as other energies seem at times to indicate otherwise.

By the end of the month, you will no doubt be hearing about an ominous-sounding T-square involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Dire predictions will be made, and some will be frightened by them. Those making these predictions will be missing the facts that, although Jupiter and Uranus will oppose Saturn with Pluto in square to that opposition, Jupiter—the single-most positive planet—is principally involved, and Neptune remains in the semi-sextile to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

We must also never lose sight of the 90-year Neptune sextile Pluto that, while presently separated out somewhat, is the saving grace energy by which we still have almost 30 more years of protection.

Relax, and don’t let the doom-and-gloomers get to you. Don’t even get me started on 2012 and the dire predictions surrounding that.

All of that said, the battle between liberality and conservatism will rage on, probably never to be ended, and will be quite a show through this month and next in particular.

Again, remember the prevailing wind and the positive energies occurring along with the scary-looking ones. By the end of the month, all five outer planets are at the party, and it will be a wild one.

Some liberals will be shaken up by some of what happens, but every seeming step forward by conservatism will be followed by two steps back. The big changes, in U.S. society at least, that came into focus over the last two years will continue.

On more personal levels, July might not be quite as rocking and rolling as June was, but it has quite a bit of high energy of its own. Things will start to heat up on the eighth or so, and remain very strong through the 13th. Very high energy is around the new moon on the 11th that is both very positive and highly cautionary, and you will want to make the right choices.

The full moon period, getting an early start on the 22nd, is exact on the 25th and runs on into the 28th, and has some very high energy attached to it that, while primarily positive, has a cautionary component that can turn great opportunity into crisis. Deal wisely with it. Watch the 16th through the 19th for problems in communication and transportation and for the exposure of secrets. Several more major energies exist, both positive and cautionary, to read ahead and make plans for dealing with. Only two daytime moon void of course periods are of significance, and they are on the 25th and 30th. Also, be aware of and work around the odd half-day void here.

The moon is said to be void of course between the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign and its entry into the next sign. During these times, plans that are made, ideas that are had, projects that are started and major purchases almost always fall through or go wrong. This energy can be overcome, but it takes two or three times the normal amount of effort, and most people most of the time will not put out that much. Please watch these times and verify this for yourself.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information.

From the week of the July 21-27, 2010, issue

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