Astro-Weather: Week of July 21-27, 2010

Editor’s note: Welcome to a new astrological column by Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather. Since 1979, Spiro has been writing about the major planetary aspects, the lunar aspects, moon void of course periods and Mercury retrogrades, giving advance notice of the general trends in mass consciousness. In his monthly overviews, he correctly called the shift in the middle of U.S. society toward liberalism and the election of Barack Obama. Every week, The Rock River Times will publish corresponding daily overviews from Spiro’s Astro-Weather book. The monthly Astro-Weather overview will be available online at with each week’s column.

By Guy Spiro

Wednesday, July 21—Watch for lingering effects from the cautionary period of the past few days concerning communication and transportation and the exposure of secrets. Be especially mindful of yesterday’s caution on spaciness, confusion and problems with authority. Reread and apply all of the cautions carefully. Aside from all of that, today’s predawn starts out with good moods, and the rest of the predawn through most of the daytime is open. Minor relationship issues my occur in the late afternoon into the early evening, but this will pass, and the minor irritability in the late evening will be brief as well. A very positive energy exists for tomorrow that will come into focus through today, so read ahead and make use of it.

Thursday, July 21—There are three major energies to be aware of today. The first is the sun’s entry into the fixed fire sign Leo at 5:21 this evening as the middle portion of the summer season begins. During this time, you will want to continue to cultivate the major projects begun back at the Vernal Equinox last March. The second is very good for any activity involving self-discipline and dealing with authority, older people and traditional matters. The third is related and just as positive. This energy is excellent for innovation and the unusual. This is a strong and powerful combination of conservatism and the unusual, providing an opportunity to make long-lasting positive changes that are not usually within the realm of possibility. Get your ducks in a row, and go for it. Do be aware that the moon will be void of course from 11:51 tonight well into tomorrow’s predawn.

Friday, July 23—Last night’s moon void of course period ends at 3:39 this morning when the moon enters Capricorn. At that point, the energy will lift noticeably, and general moods will tend to become more practical and concerned with accomplishment. The high positive energies from yesterday will remain very much with us today, and should be made the very best possible use of. Reread and apply. There is another major energy to be aware of today, and it very nicely supports the continuing positive energy. Take an active, yet disciplined, approach, and much may be accomplished. Apply energy and power wisely, and make important new beginnings. There is scattered minor irritability here and there from the mid predawn through the mid morning, but all of this should come and go with little impact. Do not waste this day. This will be a very active social Friday night. Have fun.

Saturday, July 24—Late Friday night social scenes should be highly energized well into today’s predawn. Some spaciness may be in the late predawn, but this will be brief and inconsequential. Continue to make use of the major positive energy from the past two days, if not to make progress in important matters, at least to have fun. You will notice the energy level rising throughout today as tomorrow’s full moon rolls in. This will be a very high-energy social Saturday night, but one to be careful with.

Sunday, July 25—Today is full moon day. It is exact at 8:36 tonight. Remember that full moons are always high energy and deserve to be approached with respect. This particular full moon is very intense, both for the high energy connected to it and the very strong energy leading up to the new moon earlier this month. Go back and read what was happening then if things are crazy for you now, and remember what you put in motion. Five more major energies are coming into focus and active through today. The first is very good for communication and transportation, and much can be done with it. The second and third, however, are contradictory and seriously bring out the space cases. Watch for those overdoing intoxicants and the otherwise out-of-it, who will be very much in evidence. The fourth sheds light on things normally kept secret and hidden in sudden and unexpected ways. Guard your secrets and stay alert, as there will be much to learn about the ways things really work under the surface and behind the scenes. The fifth is related to the fourth, but also to the very positive energy from Thursday and Friday. This is high positive energy itself that can be put to any good use. Some very clear choices need to be made through this period. Make them wisely.

Monday, July 26—Remember to consider the full moon and all of the high energy, both positive and cautionary, to run right on through today and tomorrow at least. Reread yesterday and apply very carefully. There are two more major energies to be aware of. The first is more seriously cautionary energy that you will want to deal with properly. Watch for erratic and bizarre behavior of all kinds, especially where recreational substances have been overindulged and the otherwise out-of-it are involved. Be very careful around water, hot and caustic liquids and gases, and explosive combinations and situations of any kind. Problems in these areas can pop up suddenly and from unexpected directions. Most of us, of course, will not be caught up in the worst of this, but you do not want to be among those who are. The second is a long-range outer planet aspect that is involved in the big changes going on at national and international levels. Headlines in these days are likely, and they will center around forces of conservatism reacting badly to the forces of change.

Tuesday, July 27—The full moon period and the unusually high level of attendant major energies, both positive and cautionary, remains with us through today and well into tomorrow. There are three more major energies to be aware of today. The first indicates a general shift in thinking and communication patterns toward a more discerning and concerned-with-detail mode. This is Mercury entering one of its own signs, Virgo, late this afternoon. The second brings out the crazies once again, and easily leads to problems with communication and transportation, especially where electricity and electronic media are involved. Be very careful in traffic. The third contradicts the second and is very good for communication, transportation and negotiation and coming to long-term agreement. This is another one of those clear choice days. Make the right ones. Be aware that the moon will be void of course from 10:46 tonight well into tomorrow’s predawn.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information.

From the July 21-27, 2010 issue

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