To the Editor: How low can you go?

I’m disappointed in you, Mister President, because of the unkept promises that you had made after you were elected! Did you bring home all of our soldiers out of Iraq? No! Did you, President Obama, just lately get an ultimatum from Iran’s leader? Yes, of course! “That, if President Barack Obama doesn’t pull out [U.S.] troops [from Iraq] by the due date of December 31, 2011, we [Iran] will attack America!”

But, even though I voted for you, I am now ashamed that I had even thought that you were the better choice! But what should I expect from a very (extremely) liberal president? Honesty would be better! And we haven’t got anything “for a better change.”All, except for an unemployed nation. As a senator, you had promised that “there would be no offshore drilling”! But what did our environment get in return? A polluted Gulf of Mexico! And that you, Mister President Obama, may as well throw your principles to the corporate [wolves] Republicans. And that you are not the bumbler that you have pretended to be, because of the fact that you have surrounded yourself with a (socialistic) very liberal cabinet! But why, oh why, are you, Mister President, so willing to put us back under the rule of the Englanders (the EU/one-world government) once again? Where we Americans will not even own the pot that we (blank) into!

Philip J. Wilson


From the Aug. 4-10, 2010 issue

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