To the Editor: Mayor is ethically challenged

Mayor Morrissey is severely ethically challenged, especially fiscally. He’s also quite a bully. So, although I know nothing of Jim Buckingham or his being banned for one year from City Hall except what I’ve read, it all rings true: a constituent who has had it up to here with the financial shenanigans with THE PEOPLE’S money and who told the mayor so, has been silenced.

Moreover, it was such a typical measure of the man that, having failed to induce the criminal justice system to arrest Buckingham for his having supposedly broken a state law against making a threat against a public official, he proceeded, asking for the council’s blessing, or ratification, to be judge and jury unto himself.

That law, to its credit, requires that a threat be made; none was. Buckingham denies saying, after getting the run-around at City Hall, that he might have to go to the mayor’s home. But even if he had, “to speak with him” was implied. And anyway, Morrissey didn’t mention it in his ex cathedra denunciation and banning, which were necessitated by the safety of his pregnant wife, and of “public discourse” itself, in Rockford.

Morrissey, for his own selfish purposes, didn’t mind in the slightest taking a huge swipe at ALL veterans: they were once trained to kill, you know. You see, the three words, supposedly so terrible, that Buckingham uttered, were merely military jargon: “domestic enemy list.” All, I’m sure, he really meant—correctly—was that, locally, Morrissey is Public Enemy Number One.

Norman Bleed


From the Aug. 4-10, 2010 issue

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