To the Editor: To the school district superintendent

Editor’s note: The following writer sent this letter to Rockford School District Superintendent Dr. LaVonne Sheffield and decided to share it with us.

Doctor Sheffield,

I’m a taxpayer in Winnebago County, having lived here my whole life, graduated from West High School. When taxpayers get to be 65 years old, there should be no school taxes; they are too high, and the board only finds more ways to waste your money. These fliers that you sent out, telling of the “Wonders” of the Rockford School District, are a waste of our money. If a person has relatives, neighbors and friends in this district, they tell a different story than you do. I don’t know of one teacher in our district that sends their child to a public school here. It sure tells me something. I’m a volunteer with RSVP and work all over town. One day I was at Flinn Middle School for a reality check, what a sad day. These kids couldn’t subtract 300 from 500 without a calculator. I told one boy that in the real world, you had to know math. He said, “No, all you need is a weapon.” I never saw such ignorant kids. They can’t talk without using foul language, can’t walk without holding on to their penis, and the girls see who can show more of their breast. This town used to be a very nice place to live in. Too many people had to change too many things, and they were not for the better. I will never work in the Rockford Schools again. This district has hit rock bottom. If you can’t put your foot down, then you should retire, along with the police chief, mayor, and Alice Saudargas. We had a very capable superintendent, Linda Hernandez, and she did quite well. What’s wrong with you?

Ruth Crowdes


From the Aug. 4-10, 2010 issue

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