To the Editor: Businessmen can’t afford more taxes

I read that Scott Christiansen got an idea for “Downtown” to improve things. Raise the property taxes on existing businesses and give that to new businesses. My business downtown is working hard now to make a living and pay the taxes in this slow economy. I can’t afford all the taxes I have to pay now! That’s government! Take away from the one who works the hardest and give to someone with an idea. An idea that will probably not last a year. Haven’t we seen that before?!

It’s quite evident that Scott is well suited for government—just raise taxes and spend more. That’s why he’s not in his own business anymore. Businesses have to make a profit to survive. Government just dreams up new taxes and figures on a way to give it away.

It’s like all the other taxes they keep raising on us just to see how much we can take before we buckle!!!

John Wierman

Wierman Oil Co.


From the Aug. 18-24, 2010 issue

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