To the Editor: Free speech for some, but not for others?

The Rockford City Council voted 11-2 to support a ban for one year from city council meetings on a Mr. Buckingham, who had made veiled threats against the mayor.

Ald. Karen Elyea voted against banning Mr. Buckingham from the city council meetings, even though he threatened the mayor. The alderman claimed she was concerned about his free speech rights.

This is the same Ald. Karen Elyea who tried to ram a bubble zone law through the Rockford City Council that would take away the free speech rights of hundreds of Christians who offer help to mothers at Rockford’s abortion mill.

There has never been one complaint to the police by a mother entering the abortion mill against a sidewalk counselor. They are only there to help women in need.

It seems Alderman Elyea supports the right to make veiled threats against our Mayor but not the right for Christians to offer free help to mothers in need at the abortion mill.

This kind of hypocrisy has led us to killing over 50,000 children in the womb in Rockford.

Kevin Rilott
Rockford Pro-Life Initiative

From the Aug. 18-24, 2010, issue

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