Astro-Weather: Week of Aug. 25-31, 2010

By Guy Spiro

Wednesday, Aug. 25—Consider the full moon and all of the attendant energies to remain very much with us through today and tomorrow. Reread the past few days, and apply the warnings carefully. Be aware of three more major energies today. The first is yesterday’s energy for communication in relationships, which peaks early this morning and runs strongly on through today. The second would normally be very good for making new beginnings in communication and transportation, and for negotiation and coming to long-term agreement. Remember, however, that Mercury is retrograde, and focus on issues from the past. Make a fresh start on an old project that still needs attention and completion. The third is connected to the full moon, but is more positive. This energy sheds light on things normally kept behind the scenes and under the surface, but not in a threatening way in most cases. Keep the eyes and ears open as there will be much to learn, and positive changes on deep levels are possible.

Thursday, Aug. 26—Remember to consider the full moon and all of its related major energies to run on through today and into tomorrow. Reread and apply the cautions, but also make use of the positives from yesterday and today. Be aware of five additional major energies today. The first is positive for communication and transportation, but with Mercury retrograde, you may want to focus on issues already at play. The second is related, and adds a great deal of energy to it. This can lead to problems where people try to do and say too much. Avoid biting off more than you can chew and promising more than you can deliver. The third is related to yesterday’s positive energy; with this, you can make solid the changes you started to put in motion then. In dealings with authority, seek to present yourself as aware of the inner workings and solid and disciplined in your approach. The fourth is related to the first two and adds intensity and eccentricity. Watch for the crazies once again on parade, and be careful in traffic. The fifth sheds light on relationships and supports positive recent gains in relationships that may have been made. Be aware of a short moon void of course period tonight from 8:59 until 9:48 when the moon enters Aries. At that point, the energy will shift noticeably, and general moods will tend to become somewhat more assertive and aggressive.

Friday, Aug. 27—Fallout from this remarkable full moon period, which for all intents and purposes has run through the entire past seven or eight days, will linger through today. There are many cautionary as well as positive energies to have chosen from. It is probably a good idea to read back over the new moon and full moon periods as there is much to learn, and it may give you clues as to what you are dealing with in this recovery period. The major energies from yesterday will remain active through today, especially fourth and fifth, so reread and apply carefully through today. There is no help from minor energies today, so good choices will be needed. Have fun tonight.

Saturday, Aug. 28—Late Friday night social scenes will run well into today’s predawn. Watch the mid-predawn for relationship issues. We get another break from major energy over the next few days, which is well-deserved after what we’ve just been through. Regroup and regenerate. Watch the late predawn into the very early morning for a brief period of irritability and argumentativeness. The midday through the late afternoon has scattered minor irritability to sidestep. Watch for aggressive attitudes, relationship issues and spaciness. Once into the evening, the energy will open up, and this can be a positive social Saturday night. Make the right choices and enjoy.

Sunday, Aug. 29—Late Saturday night party scenes will easily extend well into today’s predawn, and moods will become more positive in the mid to late predawn. Party hards will want to hang on for that. A moon void of course period occurs this morning from 3:47 until 9:34 when the moon enters Taurus. At that point, the energy will lift noticeably, and general moods will tend to become more down-to-earth and concerned with enjoyment. Relax, and take it easy through the void of course, tending to old business and not taking new things too seriously. A brief period of minor irritability may arise following the void of course, but this will be short-lived, and good moods follow. Watch for some people to fall into erratic hard attitudes in the late afternoon, and don’t get sucked in. Much better moods roll in through the evening into the late night. Enjoy.

Monday, Aug. 30—Late Sunday night good moods may give way to minor irritability and coercive attitudes in today’s early predawn. Make the right choices to pass on this and keep the earlier glow going. The rest of the predawn through the morning is open and positive to do with what you will. Take a communicative approach, and get a lot done through the workday, but watch the afternoon for some minor erratic and exaggerated emotional reactions. The evening into the late night has more minor irritants with coerciveness, hard attitudes and the very late-night chipping in with erratic aggressiveness. Choose well.

Tuesday, Aug. 31—Today’s early predawn has minor erratic aggressiveness, but this will fade fast, and most of the rest of the predawn is open. Watch the late predawn into the early morning for some minor erratic emotional issues. This should also pass quickly, if it’s noticed at all. The rest of the morning is open, but watch the early afternoon for some spaciness. Passing on that, this can be a productive workday. Good moods will roll in through the late afternoon into the early evening, but be aware of a short moon void of course period this evening from 6:13 until 7:18 when the moon enters Gemini. At that point, the energy will shift noticeably, and general moods will tend to become more communicative. Good moods will continue on through the rest of the evening through the late night. Enjoy.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information.

From the Aug . 25-31, 2010 issue

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