To the Editor: The struggle for power and oil

Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, the attacks upon America, our soldiers have been fighting the longest war ever! But I believe wholeheartedly that President G. W. Bush did, in fact, start an undeclared and senseless war (so far, 12,001 unto 2010). But we have a new president (somewhat new) in office. He carried on where his predecessor left off (President G.W. Bush—eight years). But, instead of bringing home all of our troops out of one nightmarish war, he purposely looked the other way, while many people have continued (as usual) to be killed. All because President Bush hated Saddam Hussein!

And now America might be in graver danger because Iran’s president has given our president an ultimatum (a choice) “That if President Barack Obama doesn’t withdraw the troops (out of Iraq) by the date of Dec. 31, 2011, we (Iran) will attack America!” But they will not come against us. Why? Because Iran’s leaders (M.A. and I.C.) will be too busy, gloating and laughing about the fact that they had bluffed our president, Obama, out of Iraq!

Philip J. Wilson


From the Aug. 25-31, 2010 issue

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