Astro-Weather: Monthly overview—September 2010

By Guy Spiro

September will probably seem to cool off a bit after the very intense last two months. Certainly there will still be very much going on and we will need to stay vigilant and involved, but there will be some decrease in the overall pressure. Saturn will continue to move on past the last square to Pluto, further deflating conservatism. Do not be surprised by some of the desperate measures taken by both U.S. conservatives and on the global level as well. Whatever they do, however successful it may appear at first, it will blow up in their faces.

These overviews are intended primarily for a U.S. audience pertaining mainly to events in this country, but you might want to keep an eye on Iran and other theocratic or otherwise harshly authoritarian regimes through this year. It will be quite a show.

Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, all in retrograde through the month, become tighter in their positive configuration. As Saturn motors off and Pluto begins to move out from the complex—not to get back into the act until early next year—liberality needs to step up its game and make strides through this month.

On more personal levels, September is another intense month with one or more major energies on most days. Remember that the Mercury retrograde period that started last month on the 20th remains with us through much of the month and turns direct on the 12th. See the retrograde pages at the beginning of the book for more about these periods.

Particularly, there is a cautionary period on the 12th and 13th that should be observed for a day or two on either side. Be especially mindful around the new moon, exact on the 8th, and for a couple of days on either side of it. As a result of related energies, the full moon, exact on the 23rd, will run exceptionally long.

Consider it to begin on the 19th and run all the way through the 26th. As always, there are many other major energies, both positive and cautionary, to read ahead and plan for dealing with. The most significant daytime moon void of course periods are on the 20th and the 25th.

The moon is said to be void of course between the time it makes its last major aspect in a sign and its entry into the next sign. During these times, plans that are made, ideas that are had, projects that are started and major purchases almost always fall through or go wrong. This energy can be overcome, but it takes two or three times the normal amount of effort, and most people most of the time will not put out that much. Please watch these times and verify this for yourself.

Guy Spiro, editor of the Monthly Aspectarian magazine and Astro-Weather (, has been a professional astrologer, astrology teacher and Tarot reader for 30 years. Visit for more information. Spiro’s daily overviews appear in each weekly issue of The Rock River Times.

From the Sept. 1-7, 2010, issue

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