To the Editor: USEPA is talking to mega-dairy

Did you know that the U.S. Envirtonmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is having a dialog with the mega-dairy? The USEPA is requesting a geophysical investigation, a stream study, natural void study, and a tracer test from the mega-dairy, as part of their enforcement of the federal Clean Water Act. These are the kinds of tests used to trace the groundwater to surface water connection that is generally present in a karst area (see maps and testimony by S. Panno, P. Wiebel, L. Johnson, ISGS, et al.). At last, an agency that has risen above the corruption and sought the truth.

Speaking of truth vs. corruption, [State Rep. Jim] Sacia [R-89th District]  wrote a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers seeking a waiver of the 401 permit from the IEPA for the mega-dairy. The IEPA is seeking a tracer test, asking for greater protection from leakage, and asking why the mega-dairy was illegally sited. The mega-dairy has not paid the fee for the permit, nor has its application been completed. Does Sacia think these issues are unimportant? Does Sacia think that he and the mega-dairy are above the law? Why hasn’t he mentioned this in his column?

Ken Turner

Warren, Ill.

From the Sept. 1-7, 2010 issue

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