We’re short on time!

By Ruth Little
Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum Board Member

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum stands as a unique historic home in Rockford, Ill. It’s a registered historic building; a unique and beautiful landmark.  Also, it’s the home of one of Rockford’s early mayors and successful manufacturer…in the heart of original Rockford.

We have a chance to win a big grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation through their “This Place Matters” campaign. Winning the most votes, and the grant, would be a big win for Rockford…and would bring an important grant to our community.

WE CAN WIN!! Tinker Swiss Cottage is currently in the running for a $25,000 grant and is in second place out of 86 contestants.

 You can vote once for every e-mail address you have, and we have nine days left. Also, please forward to your family and friends!!!

You will be asked for your name, email and zip code. On the first click, you register with the site (you don’t have to accept their emails….check that box or not as you wish.) Then, the same screen will appear again with a “vote” button. Click on the “vote” button, and your vote will be counted. Go to: http://bit.ly/ahoqxk.

People can vote between now and Sept. 15. It’s one vote per e-mail address (yes…more than one address? You can vote more than once.)

Please go to the link above and cast your vote for Tinker. The winner will get $25,000…that’s a big deal!

I’d appreciate your help spreading the word…the more votes, the better. Let’s make it go viral! Our competition is stiff, but we know we can win with everyone’s help. Your vote and your help are much appreciated.


If you can’t get on the site, it may mean there’s too much traffic at that moment…please try more than once.

Thanks so much. We appreciate your support. We want to make Rockford famous (again) for something good!

From the Sept. 8-14, 2010 issue

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