Family seeks donations for cancer victim

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

William Tallent, 72, a Loves Park resident, was living a normal life until Monday, Aug. 23, when his world came crashing down with a diagnosis of doom. Tallent has a wife, Mary, and the couple have four children, one boy and three girls.

Connie Chase, a friend, told The Rock River Times: “Sunday night he was fine. He woke up on Monday morning, and he couldn’t walk. He has three brain tumors, one of which is pressing on the balance part of his body, so he has no use of his legs.” Describing the tumors, she explained: “He has one big one and two little ones, and a whole bunch of little bitty ones. He has been taking chemo and radiation.”

Before retiring, Tallent worked for Rockford Sanitary Separators, painting tanks. The couple have two cemetery plots, but the wife does not have the money. “Hospice got involved,” said Chase, “and told his wife that they need to start funeral arrangements. They don’t have the money for the funeral, and the daughter has opened an account at Associated Bank for any donations.” A vault has been arranged, but the family’s limited income will not cover expenses.

The family is reaching out to the community for help, and donations will be accepted at any Associated Bank.

From the Sept. 15-21, 2010 issue

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