To the Editor: ‘Cultural diversity’ deligitimizes faith

Two pat answers from a local attorney on the radio a few months ago were so bizarre that I’ve kept them and pondered them in my heart.

One was her avowed response whenever people say we should bring God back into school. “Whose God?” The other was her slam-dunk retort to concerns about militant Islamist terrorism: “Timothy McVeigh was a Christian.”

While they’re just what a good ultra-liberal should think and say, they show a profound lack of understanding of what America has faced, and is now facing.

The culprit, of course, is “cultural diversity,” which has been working overtime for decades, “celebrating” all manner of faiths as discrete, “organized” religions—carefully deligitimizing the spirituality of the individual and, by extension, the shared “generic” spirituality of everyone in the nation—especially including the new “faith” of “no faith”: atheism.

The heretofore underlying and unifying belief in a common-sense God—a generic Creator, Higher Power, Supreme Being—has, accordingly, all but given up the holy ghost.

And, in the name of our new graven image—“tolerance”—we’re kindly asked, or rather required, to embrace the sheerest of lunacies, such as that the conservatively 7 percent, or 80 million of the world’s Muslims who are radical Islamists carry out their highly organized and determined atrocities only out of love of God. This further pulverizes the concept of a generic God we so need.

Norman Bleed


From the Sept. 22-28, 2010 issue

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