To the Editor: A nation divided and without God

When the G. W. Bush administration was running this country (2001-2008), the Democrats were complaining about those Republicans who were in office. But now that a Democrat got elected (Barack Obama in 2008), the shoe is upon the wrong foot, according to the Republicans. Soon, in 2012, Sarah Palin (R) will be champing on the horse’s bit. But this battle of wits between the Democrats and Republicans must stop, before there is no free nation at all. We Americans dare to call ourselves humanity. And are we (in general) the humane ones? Not really, because there are some who are willing to stab their political opponents. And where does this dissension get us? Nowhere! Because, while we have been fighting a lost cause during this Middle Eastern war, both political parties have forgotten one important factor—and that’s the leadership of our God, who is the author of everything!

Philip J. Wilson


From the Sept. 29-Oct. 5, 2010 issue

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