Artist explains brush with death, return to studio

By Jim Hagerty
Staff Writer

For artist Mark Adamany, his summer began like most others. Every year, Adamany takes a break from the studio to visit his extended family in Bedford County, Virgina. Fishing, performing music, church services and taking in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains makes for a fulfilling vacation.

Ten days into this year’s trip, a normal family excursion took an almost deadly turn. Shortly after attending a Fourth of July family reunion, Adamany felt weak, followed by shortness of breath. Assuming the heat of 104 degrees was a factor, Mark decided to take early refuge from the blistering Virgina sun. However, it didn’t take long for Mark and his wife Jackie to realize his condition was more than possible heat stroke.

“I had stabbing pains in the ribs on my left side,” Adamany said. “From my collarbone down to my waist and across my left side, it felt like daggers going in and out. I couldn’t move or breathe at all.”

After seven days without improvement, Adamany was rushed to Lynchburg General Hospital, about 35 miles away. There, doctors discovered Mark was suffering from massive pulmonary embolism in both of his lungs.

“They said it was a miracle I survived,” Mark said. “They couldn’t belive it didn’t kill me. There were three times where we thought I was going to die right at that moment.”

After spending 28 days fighting for his life in Virginia, Mark is now slowly returning to work. An award-winning muralist, Adamany has done work for a variety of corporate clients on the national level. Locally, his work can be seen in many locations, most notably the popular celebrity paintings that don the walls at Big Al’s Bar inside Giovanni’s. He’s also created many public murals and school logos.

Although he’s returned to the studio, the owner of Adamany Art and Design said he’s still recovering and hasn’t begun to push himself physically. Meantime, his family and faith in God are allowing him to stay healthy. His Mob Zero bandmates are also anticipating Mark’s return as he assumes his position behind the drums.

“I am just getting back into things,” he said. “I will be fine and able to live a normal life once again.”

Adamany Art and Design is at 507 Lafayette Ave. The studio can be reached at (815) 961-0774 and

From the Oct. 6-12, 2010 issue

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