LustKillers perform at Krypto

October 6, 2010

Photo by Frank Schier

The LustKillers (Bryan Wilkinson, left, and Adam Becvare) performed an acoustic show titled “Lust and Daggers” at Krypto Music Lounge Saturday, Oct. 2, during ArtScene. The LustKillers’ set featured unreleased material from their upcoming album That Which Does Not Kill Us. Learn more about the LustKillers at On tap this week at Krypto are The Sons of Many Bitches, Wednesday, Oct. 6; Karaoke, Thursday, Oct. 7; Daddy’s Got a New .45, Friday, Oct. 8; The Poets Dance, Saturday, Oct. 9; and Kamikaze Karaoke, Tuesday, Oct. 12. Krypto Music Lounge is at 308 W. State St., Rockford. Info: (815) 965-0931.

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