Rockford Apartment Association Property Contact Directory

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The Rockford Apartment Association (RAA) would like to announce a Property Contact Directory located on the RAA website. This directory gives concerned citizens a contact name and number regarding a problem with a property. RAA members and non-members may use this service to register their property. The RAA believes this directory will be a valuable resource for neighbors to communicate with property owners. You can access this directory at and click on the property contact info link.

Contact RAA President Paul Arena with any questions regarding the Property Contact Directory at (815) 243-2924 or by e-mail at

The benefits of this directory are as follows:

1) Provide a reliable contact to receive property standard complaints so as to decrease the number of calls code enforcement officials receive and limit their activities to property owners who cannot or do not respond to the first notification.

2) Provide a contact for neighbors or neighborhood associations to improve interaction and communication.

3) Provide a contact in case of emergency when an occupant is not present. These might include crime, property damage, or to confirm the welfare of elderly occupants.

4) Provide a contact to notify property managers of disruptive behavior the occurs on their property.

Anyone can search for property contact information by inputting the address of a property and select search. A name and phone number for the person to contact will be returned.

Anyone can register a contact name and number for their property by setting up an account. Creating a personal account prevents others from making changes to a property contact entry that a property owner adds to the system. Account holders may edit or delete their contact information at any time by searching for the entry and then clicking on the notepad symbol to edit, or the minus sign to delete an entry.

From the Oct. 6-12, 2010 issue

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