To the Editor: Re: Guest columnist Rev. Kent Svendsen—“Should a mosque be built near World Trade Center?”

With all due respect to the Rev. Kent Svendsen, he has a good Christian heart but is ignorant of the beliefs of fanatic Muslims who believe in Mohammed’s message of taking over the world for their Allah.

Now, all religions have their leaders, saints and martyrs, but they were the ones suffering to teach the messages of love, justice and understanding, and not the ones promoting killing, raping or plunder to non-Muslims.

How can good Muslims believe that? And too many do not believe that and live good, peaceful and loving lives.

Dictators such as Saddam and Hitler are the kind of evil leaders who would demand that their people follow their ways, and this is what Muslim leaders and imams and other leaders do to their followers.

Our human rights come from God, and no religion or government has a right to take them away as long as we do no harm to others in the name of our beliefs.

I have enclosed a list of four books he should read before he speaks out against those good people who know.

Mary A. High


Note: Books referenced are: Why We Want to Kill You, by former Islamic terrorist Walid Shoebat; Secret of the Koran by Don Richardson; The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer; The Islamization of America by Abdullah-Al-Araby.

From the Oct. 6-12, 2010 issue

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