To the Editor: Dissecting Rep. Sacia’s finances

In a letter by State Rep. Jim Sacia, he talks about the money that is being spent on campaigns, and if money can buy a seat, that money being spent is obscene. Well, this is true that a lot of money is being spent on campaigns, and I wonder if the people of this district know the amount of money that you have to spend on your election. You said that, “Our neighbors need to become informed and do our homework.” Well, I did the homework for the people of this district, and here is a copy of your report before the election: (This report is from the Illinois State Board of Election Candidate Discloser section) (Editor’s note: Here he enclosed a financial report from Citizens for Jim Sacia, D-2 Pre-election report 2010 GE, showing receipts of funds from various sources.)

And a while back in one of your articles, you stated that you were against entitlements. Well, is farm subsidy an entitlement? Now, I am not against farmers who receive subsidy payments, and I know that you have worked hard for your help you receive. And for the people who do not know what Mr. Sacia has received, I have done my homework here also (Farm Subsidy Database): (Editor’s note: Following was a chart showing conservation subsidies, disaster subsidies, commodity subsidies, and total USDA subsidies, all for years 1995-2009.)

James G. Sacia received payments totaling $57,420 from 1995 through 2009.

In closing, I am wondering why a state representative needs this much…and he is telling us about big money in politics. We need reform in our state where the little man can have a chance to run against an incumbent and maybe win. And we need term limits on all state offices from governor to state representatives, etc. Mr. Sacia in his closing of his last article, states we need the “best of the best.” I wonder how many people feel you are the best of the best. Oh, I know you will have your many followers, but the times are changing, and people are fed up with the way our state government is run and want new representation. It is time for new ideas to come to the table and fix our state’s problems. You have been our state representative for many terms, and you have done some good for the district and the state, but lately all we hear from you is that it’s Michael Madigan and the Democrats’ fault. We need answers and ideas to get our state back in line.

Walter Johnson

Galena, Ill.

From the Oct. 13-19, 2010 issue

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