To the Editor: ‘Nation of ninnies’ won’t take the risk

Snyder v. Phelps [the Supreme Court case re: anti-gay funeral protesters] is nothing less than proof positive of the clear and present danger we now find ourselves in thanks to decades of decline in the quality of the average public high-school graduate.

Two analogies come to mind. One is the traffic on the streets, or rather, the incentives and disincentives all drivers have to seriously go about their own business and to avoid getting into an accident. Mostly, it works!

In our schools, meanwhile, students getting into various kinds of “accidents” happens all the time. Why? Because “more compassion” is always our response—never jacking up their “premium rates,” etc.

Or how about paratrooper training? Wouldn’t you suspect that first jump is fraught with endless gut-checking and hesitation? Not so, I’ve been told. If you don’t want to make the jump, then “don’t hook up”—don’t clasp your rip cord onto the line running the length of the plane’s cabin.

You’ll simply stay aboard, and land no longer in paratrooper training. No muss, no fuss. Meanwhile, we “encourage” students who’ve elected not to “hook up” to come to school, to go to class, to act civilized, to do their homework, to stay in school.

We’ve already become a nation of ninnies, too outraged to notice that these are the end times for publicly and lawfully speaking out against homosexuality and misbegotten wars of misadventure.

Norman Bleed


From the Oct. 20-26, 2010 issue

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