To the Editor: Landfill odor update for Oct. 23

The odors were fairly strong near my house earlier this week, but I did not receive any complaints.

Previously, I e-mailed the website setup by Winnebago Landfill for reporting odors.

Winnebago Landfill is matching your reports against weather data for an accurate map of the odor area.

Your reports, with more dates and times, combined with weather data, all help to help identify the offending facility: Winnebago Landfill, Orchard Hills or another possible source.

The website again is: or call 815-550-2311

Even if you think it is the Orchard Hills site in Ogle County causing the odor, report it here. The information collected is shared with the Illinois EPA.

Some residents expressed concerns about reporting odors to one of the offenders, Winnebago Landfill.

If you feel more comfortable reporting it to the Illinois EPA, you may do so here:

However, the Illinois EPA wanted me to let you know that IEPA staff is not matching up the date and time of the odors with weather information. According to the IEPA, your reports will be more useful if reported to

The Illinois EPA is very impressed by the data it is getting from Winnebago Landfill’s I’ve asked for a copy of the “map.” I will share that as soon as I get it.

In closing, I’d like to remind you:

1) Your efforts do make a difference. As a result of your reports, citations have been issued, permits requested, and permit evaluations are in process.

2) Please forward this e-mail to your neighbors. Encourage them to file an odor report if they notice the smell. No false reports, please—that does not help the cause.

3) The odors travel quite far. You may live near the Winnebago Landfill, but the odor may be from Orchard Hills. (The opposite may be true, too.) Your frequent reports help identify the offender.

Call or write if you have any questions for me. Thanks.

Paul Gorski,

Winnebago County Board Member, Dist. 5, 815-871-6320.

From the Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2010 issue

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