To the Editor: Big companies not concerned about safety

Recently we have seen several disasters that “couldn’t happen”:

BP: Offshore drilling in very deep waters is safe—nothing will go wrong.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): Storing millions of gallons of coal ash in open lagoons is OK—nothing will go wrong.

Hungarian industrial plant: Our toxic sludge can be safely contained—the dams will hold; and

Mega-dairy owner and political friends: The 228-million-gallon manure lagoons are environmentally sound and won’t leak and pollute—nothing will go wrong.

The common ties of all these incidents is that the big companies shrug off safely handling and treating their wastes and, in the quest for maximum profits, put us all at risk. In many cases, clean-up of the messes is put on the taxpayer. Changes must be made.

Mary Kenney

Lanark, Ill.

From the Nov. 3-9, 2010 issue

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