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Monday, Nov. 8, the City of Rockford Police Department went live with to proactively reach out to the community and share accurate and up-to-date information. is an interactive mapping software application that allows users to view incidents and locations of crimes committed in the City of Rockford. is a web-based application that allows anyone with Internet access an immediate view of city crime data. Data are updated daily and present a detailed snapshot of crime activity within the City of Rockford. Police Chief Chet Epperson said, “ provides transparency and accountability to our agency while also allowing our citizens to learn about and address crime in their neighborhoods.”

Crime View Desktop

The City of Rockford Police Department has been exploring options to assist the Crime Analysis Unit in producing high-quality information in a more efficient manner. They were looking for a product for Crime Analysis to collect, collate and disseminate crime information to the department as well as the public. The Crime Analysis Unit already uses WinGIS and ESRI’s ArcMap to assist with the mapping needs of the department. There are many time-consuming processes to making one map, and with the department looking into “Geographic Policing,” much more information is needed to be produced in a timely manner. A product that would store, query and display crime information in one process would be ideal.

The solution chosen was to purchase Crime View Desktop, a product of the Omega Group, which was founded in 1992. Their professional experience includes working with more than 350 law enforcement agencies implementing Crime View, which focuses on mapping and analysis for crime analysts, officers and the community. Crime View Desktop will allow the Crime Analysis Unit to query, map and display information in a more automated process that will save time.

The Rockford Police Department is also now participating with, a web-based application that maps crime data in the City of Rockford and many other cities throughout North America. is another product of the Omega Group; it maps 15 categories of crime data, including: Arson, Assault, Burglary, Disturbing the Peace, Drug/Alcohol Violations, DUI, Fraud, Homicide, Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Theft/Larceny, Vandalism, Vehicle Break-in/Theft and Weapons. The categories are defined by the application and are the same for all participating agencies. Certain highly personal or sensitive crimes have not been included for viewing such as Sexual Assaults and Kidnapping. This site will always contain the last 90 days of offenses and will allow the user to customize the timeframe and offense categories they wish to view.

For access, go to the City of Rockford website, click on Public Safety, Police and finally the logo. No user name or password is necessary.

Once you have logged into the application and selected Rockford Police, IL, the default screen will show a map centered on our downtown, showing the offenses for the last seven days. There are several tabs at the top of the map that allow you to customize your search. You may also type an exact address to see offenses within a radius around that address. As this is a nationwide application, type the full address including city and state (i.e., 420 W. State St., Rockford, IL). Zip code is not necessary. Clicking any symbol in the map will produce a pop-up box that contains basic information about the offense. A black symbol means that there are multiple offenses at that location as it is possible for multiple offenses to occur in a single incident; clicking on the “-” will display a pop-up box that allows you to scroll all of the offenses. Also included in the pop-up box is a link called “Rockford Police Links.” Clicking that will expand the list to show three links. The first is a link to the Rockford Police website, the second is detailed information about the data contained in this site, and the third is a link to an explanation of Nixle and how individuals may sign up for Nixle alerts. will also allow users to sign up for crime alerts. Similar to Nixle alerts, these will be specific to a location and will allow the user to customize when they will receive an alert based on a radius around the location and the specific crimes they select. Users can create e-mail alerts for multiple locations.

From the Nov. 10-16, 2010 issue

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