Do the Chicago Bears really deserve their 5-3 record?

By S.C. Zuba
Sports Columnist

Sense my sarcasm.

In a thrilling battle between two bottom-feeding NFL teams, the Bears narrowly edged the Bills, 22-19, in front of a less-than-packed Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, Sunday, Nov. 7—proving the Bears can make a bad team look good on international soil.

The Bears had two—count them, two—weeks to prepare against a team that ranked dead last in run defense.

What’s that? The Bills are the worst team in the NFL when it comes to defending the run game? Oh, well, then the Bears must have had a field day on the ground, right?


Bears running backs Matt Forte and Chester Taylor combined for a total of 62 yards on 24 carries. Remember, that was against the worst run defense in the league. I feel like I can’t stress that enough.

How can a win feel so bad?

When the Bills took the field Sunday, they brought with them their 0-7 record. If you were watching this game, however, you would’ve thought the Bills were 7-0 and on their way to the Super Bowl.

Why is it that the Bears make bad teams look so good on a consistent basis?

My conclusion? Any team can look good when playing the Bears.

This team is scary bad. It’s sad, really. There’s no light at the end of this tunnel. I fear we are only at the beginning of this lightless tunnel.

What’s worse is the Bears still have a winning record. How can this be?

This has been such a weird NFL season. Teams are winning games they have no business winning—mainly the Bears. It’s a fluke of a season, if you ask me. Don’t believe me? The mere fact that the Bears still have a legitimately good chance of making the playoffs is evidence enough.

Let me throw out a hypothetical situation for you. Let’s say the Bears continue to use their two best plays—smoke and mirrors—to weasel their way into the playoffs. Let’s imagine they win their first two playoff games and finagle their way into the Super Bowl.

Now, stay with me here, let’s say they win that Super Bowl game.

As a fan, would you be happy? Would you be excited? Does this team really deserve to win the Super Bowl? Do they deserve to be 5-3?

My answer? Emphatically, no.

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From the Nov. 10-16, 2010 issue

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