Regional theater group in search of ideas, venues for The Cheddar Curtain

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The Borderline Arts Coalition, a regional volunteer collaboration of non-profit performing arts groups, is soliciting playwrights, directors and cast members for the 2011 production of The Cheddar Curtain.

This second annual show is composed of separately written, unrelated plays running from a minute to 25 minutes. The only relationship among the vignettes is that they’re written by local authors, the actors are local people, and all stories are or could be about the area—its history, culture and foibles.

The organization is looking for emerging or long-standing talent—amateur or professional. Unfortunately, this is an endeavor of love—there isn’t any money in it.

There are a couple of “rules.” The vignette must be fit for a general audience. If the mother of a 10-year-old would be embarrassed for her child to see the play, it doesn’t meet the criterion.

It must be original. The vignette must tell a story—a well-defined beginning and end. Scripts can be comedic, nostalgic, historical, futuristic, scary, oratory, narration, monologue, poetry—you name it. It must be short—from 1 minute to 25 minutes. It must require very little setting or props. Set changes must be extremely quick to accommodate the following sketch. Last, it must pertain to the area, the Cheddar Curtain—the Illinois/Wisconsin stateline area.

An informational meeting will be held in the near future for anyone interested. Final scripts will be due in early December.

The show will play in various community theaters/performing arts forums throughout the area during the last two weeks of March 2011. Any venue hosting performing arts is welcome to ask for this show to appear on their stage. There is a fee of $500 per performance to defray the costs of the show—costumes, lights, sound, props, sets, transportation. Each venue is responsible for its own marketing and ticket sales. All sales above $500 serve as a fund-raiser for the hosting organization. Tickets are $15 at each venue. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. Last year, participating venues included Winneshiek Playhouse (Freeport), Plum River Playhouse (Stockton), Back Street Players (Hanover), Monroe Arts Center (Monroe, Wis.) and Turner Hall (Galena). If you are interested in hosting The Cheddar Curtain, 2011, contact the Borderline Arts Coalition at the information at the end of this press release.

Want to direct? Vignettes have already been submitted with no director appointed. Separate vignettes initially will be directed/ rehearsed locally, and combined for full production rehearsal two weeks before the show. Rehearsals begin in mid-late January. Scripts will be distributed in December.

If you want to be on stage as a cast member, or if you want to be part of the technical crew (stage, props, sound, lights), call the Borderline Arts Coalition. There will be no auditions. If, when a mirror is held under your nose, it fogs up, you qualify. A role will be found for you.

For more information, call John Buford at (815) 541-6900 or e-mail

From the Nov. 10-16, 2010 issue

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