To the Editor: Higher property taxes increase burden on homeowners

“The power to tax is the power to destroy,” is certainly an axiom proven by countless examples in history. Sadly, this maxim has found its way into the lives of Rockford citizens via the iniquitous property tax rates imposed on homeowners.

In the midst of our troubling economic downturn, rational governing bodies should do everything in their power to lower property taxes to encourage both new and existing home sales and to help its citizens who are battling unemployment. Unbelievably, our community taxing agents decided to raise property tax rates this past year, increasing the burdensome tax load on almost all Rockford homeowners, which discourages both home sales and home ownership.

It was with dismay that I read our tax bill this past summer, seeing the number increase several hundred dollars even as home prices were tumbling. Phoning government agencies to investigate, I was told that the assessed value of homes did not increase, but that the tax rate itself was increased to meet various city and county agencies’ budget projections.

Who can the average homeowner tax to raise funds for his family budget? Agencies must cut back, or we will soon become a one-party nation—The TEA Party.

Cynthia Hutchinson


From the Nov. 17-23, 2010 issue

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