To the Editor: Save the Clean Air Act!

The Clean Air Act is the last defense against runaway carbon pollution, which leads to global warming.

Don’t let industry polluters and their allies in Congress gut the act!

Coal, oil and utility industries blocked congressional action on climate change this year, leaving only one tool to protect the public health from the carbon pollution leading to global warming: the Clean Air Act.

Now, industry lobbyists have the Clean Air Act in their crosshairs—trying to eliminate the last line of defense between us and the continued rampant poisoning of our skies.

Help us stop the latest effort to gut the Clean Air Act. Take action now.

Under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authority to regulate greenhouse gases. The U.S. Supreme Court recently affirmed the EPA’s authority.

The new congressional makeup will make it very difficult to pass legislation that addresses climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, so the EPA and the Clean Air Act may be our only protection for some time to come.

The coal, oil and utilities industries know that. They have the EPA in their sights.

Send a letter now to your congressional representatives telling them to defend the EPA’s authority to reduce the carbon pollution that leads to global warming. Go to

In these last days of the 111th Congress, an appropriations bill to keep the federal government running is “must-pass” legislation. Such a bill could be used for anti-environmental riders such as a weakening of the Clean Air Act or the EPA’s authority to use it. Go to

We can’t let that happen. Please take action now to preserve the Clean Air Act and allow EPA to do its job protecting the public health and welfare.

Kathy Kilmer

The Wilderness Society

From the Nov. 17-23, 2010 issue

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