Elite Defense Systems takes a stand against bullying

From press release

The Elite Defense Systems strengthens its campaign against all forms of bullying by revising its curriculum.

Bullying is linked with emotional disturbances among children. It is a situation wherein a child uses words to impose its power over other children. Aside from the traditional bullying forms, the information and communication technology is also being used for this purpose.

Experts say that other bullying amounts to torture for some kids. This is because with cyber bullying, children get bullied no matter where they are. The Elite Defense Systems not only teaches students how to act when bullied; they are also taught how to understand the act.

“With a master’s degree in psychology, I believe it my duty to make everyone aware of the implications of bullying. People don’t have to fight bullies using force; sometimes they only need to be understood,” says Matt Numrich, the owner and head instructor of EDS.

The Elite Defense Systems, 5695 Strathmoor Drive, Unit 2, was established  in 1995 by Sifu Matt Numrich. Numrich is a certified Full Instructor of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts by Sifu Paul Vunak (instructor for the Navy SEALS). At present, the school offers competitive and reality-based classes specifically designed for men, women and youth.

For more information, contact Numrich at matt@EliteJIKD.com or by calling (630) 837-7565.

From the Nov. 24-30, 2010 issue

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