Guest Column: Response to Marilyn Holder re: Obama

Editor’s note: The following guest column is in response to the Nov. 3-9 Letter to the Editor “Obama’s actions do not compute,” by Marilyn Holder.

By Rev. Frank S. Moyer

Marilyn Holder’s letter, “Obama’s actions do not compute,” requires a response. It contains so many errors that one can understand another paper’s decision to refuse publication!

1. She equates his patriotism with his stance re: immigration, arguing “when illegal immigrants stream across our border kidnapping and murdering our citizens, he does nothing.” That is factually wrong.

a. The numbers of kidnapping and murder of American citizens by illegal immigrants is almost limited to one—Rancher Robert Krentz. Both the FBI and the Border Patrol state that violence along the border is declining.

b. His predecessor, President Bush, was also unsuccessful in getting either Republicans or Democrats to help him pass tougher immigration laws.

c. His suit against Arizona for their action toward immigrants was:

→ to protect the U.S. Constitution that relegates border issues to the federal government

→ to protect legal immigrants from racial profiling

2. She raises the lapel flag pin issue that was so fully discussed in the 2008 campaign! Had she looked at recent TV appearances by the President, she would have noticed the flag on his lapel!

3. She casts doubt on his being a Christian because his pastor in Chicago had preached some fiery sermons about our country’s continued racism and because he canceled the National Day of Prayer at the White House and because he attended a Muslim Ramadan dinner. Thank God our clergy are not the litmus test for the truth of our faith! Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy have all preached “against Babylon”! That has been going on for thousands of years.

President Obama did not cancel the National Day of Prayer. He did choose to not host an interfaith meeting at the White House.

In the U.S.A. there are citizens of many religious persuasions. He visits Israel and eats with rabbis—as he does with people from the many different Christian denominations. Since we have a growing Muslim part of our population, it would be rude for him to not associate with their leaders.

4. She states President Obama reneged on his campaign pledge to televise the health care debates on C-SPAN. Here is how C-SPAN responded to Representative Jason Chaffetz [Utah-R]: “Since the initial introduction of the America’s Affordable Health Care Act of 2009 in the House and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the Senate, C-SPAN has televised literally hundreds of hours of committee hearings, markups and floor debate on these bills for the public to see. And importantly, we have archived all of this video for future generations to study in the C-SPAN Video Archives.”

One is certainly entitled to her/his own opinion re: President Obama—but one is NOT entitled to make up one’s own facts.

The Rev. Frank S. Moyer is a retired Lutheran minister.

From the Nov. 24-30, 2010 issue

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