To the Editor: ‘Just ask’? Do tell!

Contrary to [RPS District 205] Superintendent Sheffield’s claim in her four-page speech at Nov. 9’s board meeting, it isn’t just those two pesky retired teachers from Watchdogs for Ethics in Education seeking (and being repeatedly denied) answers. You want questions, so here goes…

Why spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on a MetroCentre coronation; holiday weekend cabinet getaway; eight non-age-appropriate books per elementary student that wound up in dumpsters; uniforms for LaLa Land reform schoolers who refused to wear them; gift bags and restaurant meals; out-of-state consultant; Florida training for high school principals for virtual Advanced Placement classes to be monitored not by displaced teachers but by minimally-qualified, cheaper paraprofessionals; and at least three questionable, separate administrative positions: schools, accountability and interventions? Aren’t these the superintendent’s responsibilities?

Why spend nearly $6 million in federal stimulus money on faulty ENI [Evans Newton Inc.] tests that still have not been fixed? Why pinch pennies by hiring untrained security guards, some physically unable to respond promptly or restrain violent students? Why silence staff concerns with intimidation or demotions and taxpayer challenges with “no comment” or insults like “venomous,” “reprehensible” and “odious”?

Why would someone defy state law, add staff work, and waste our money to withhold innocent information? Who wouldn’t want a glowing evaluation or a community icon’s letter published? Hasn’t this district had enough lawsuits?

Carolyn Kelley


From the Nov. 24-30, 2010 issue

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