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To the Editor: Letter proved the point

November 24, 2010

The letter from Mr. [George] Schrum  [Nov. 3-9 issue] proved my point about the American way of life. The unions have really hurt this country and still are. Mr. Schrum did the right thing; the first job was hard work, so he quit. He didn’t ask anyone (UNION) to intercede. The next job was hard work, low pay, so he quit; he didn’t ask anyone to intercede (UNION). The next job was one he could do and made good money; he didn’t need a UNION to intercede. The only thing UNIONS have accomplished over the years has sent every one of those jobs overseas. Mr. Schrum proved my point: if you don’t like the work you are doing, quit, get another job. No one has the right to expect an employer (who invests his money) to share his profit with the employee when the employee has been paid a wage he has accepted to do the job.

James C. Davis

Byron, Ill.

From the Nov. 24-30, 2010 issue

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  1. RedRover

    December 1, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    How do you feel about the 8-hour day, Mr. Davis?

    And what about the weekend (40-hour week)?

    Those benefits were obtained by working people who organized themselves into UNIONs to fight for decent working conditions:

    Wasn’t that a good thing? Aren’t you glad that it happened?

    RE your assertion that:

    “The only thing UNIONS have accomplished over the years has sent every one of those jobs overseas.”

    Well, that may have happened, but not on this planet.

    Corporations, with the support of their well-paid prostitute-politicians are responsible for the “free trade” treaties and policies that have facilitated the mass movement of good American jobs to totalitarian countries, forcing American workers to compete with de facto slaves in places like Red China.

    UNIONs opposed those policies and treaties, and still do.

    Mr. Schrum described working during a time when there were plenty of manufacturing jobs to be had in this country, forcing employers to compete for workers. Those jobs are gone thanks to free trade traitors like our Congressman-for-Life Don Manzullo.

    I hope that you didn’t vote for that guy!

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