To the Editor: The old shell game

Whenever the citizens (taxpayers) of Rockford are against something, our city leaders are usually for it. (Video and off-track betting and the pending adult book store.) Why? Because it generates more coffer money to be wasted upon frivolous and unwanted developments. And these detested projects are conducted in the City Hall’s chambers (or voted upon)! Perhaps it’s “the old shell game” where a city council member brings up an issue to be voted upon. But then it will be laid over (postponed) until a later date. Because it’s being debated between us taxpayers and our city planners! But whenever it’s supposed to be voted on for the third time, they (City Hall) will postpone it again—playing cat and mouse. And on the third time, their votes will be hurriedly passed through.

Philip J. Wilson


From the Nov. 24-30, 2010 issue

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