To the Editor: Tribune article misrepresents poor people’s dietary choices

Nearly half a century on, Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty is turning out to be against mostly roadside- and suicide-bombs. That is to say, against brainwashing and brainwashed people, which and whom are doing us and themselves in.

It’s not a crime to be poor (thank goodness), and it’s not a crime to be fat (speak for yourself), but in the brave new world we find ourselves in—there’s never, ever, before been fat poor people—it is (what else?) our society that is criminally responsible for these new partners in crime.

Although it hasn’t actually happened to me yet, everywhere today, poor people are forced at gunpoint to live on junk food and other high-fat, high-calorie foods. To state this scientifically, they’re too poor to make any but the worst possible ingestion selections.

But with a little more money and a little more—etc.—they’d also, surely and incrementally, become concerned with the care and feeding of the “horse” they get around on. But only then!

A scholarly treatise in the news pages of the Nov. 10 Chicago Tribune, “What is your diabetes risk?” explained that currently they don’t have much alternative to consuming “nutrient-poor, energy-dense foods that increase one’s type 2 diabetes risk.”

What a pseudo-scientific article like this, in the mainstream media, was doing was not informing, but rather indoctrinating. Witness its non sequitur proviso, “especially women”! No, poverty-causes-type-2-diabetes is a half-baked, politically correct theory looking for, and insidiously being given, legitimacy.

Its preordained conclusion is its unspoken message: Just as it is our society that is responsible if a skinny person has nothing to eat, it’s also responsible if he becomes fat through every fault of his own.

Norman Bleed


From the Dec. 1-7, 2010 issue

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