Poems, Pathways, and Peace: A Baby Boomer’s Journey With AD/HD

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Can you imagine that there are 8 to 15 million adults in the United States walking around not knowing they have AD/HD? They may be anxious, impulsive, daydream and have trouble completing tasks among other social and psychological problems. Failure, frustration, broken marriages, drug abuse, and loss of jobs are among the major situations that AD/HD adults may be going through.

The ADD-er is typically described as lazy, unmotivated and unfocused. However, there is a flip side to the adult who has AD/HD. He or she is usually gifted, intuitive and full of energy. Ron Weckerly shares the extraordinary story of his struggle with AD/HD from a very early age through age 50. His journey with AD/HD included failing first grade, almost dying at age 7 and having other near-death experiences later in his life because of his unknown disorder. Ron finally had the “aha” experience at the age of 50. Finally knowing that he had AD/HD, Ron changed his life for the better. Instead of focusing on his negative traits and disorders, he transformed his weaknesses into strengths. His self-concept improved as well as his overall life skills. His key message is not to wait until the traits become major disorders that ruin your life. Get help as soon as possible if you feel you may have AD/HD.

Through poetry, Ron shares his experiences about his challenges with attention deficit disorder, prose of the ’50s and ’60s, and short stories that reflect important times in his life. You will discover that his ability to meet the challenges of AD/HD helped him to become a successful parent, teacher and husband.

Dr. Edward Hallowell, M.D., co-author of Delivered from Distraction and other books, made this comment about Poems, Pathways, and Peace: A Baby Boomer’s Journey With AD/HD: “A beautiful book. Rich in life experiences as well as insight and beauty. Ron Weckerly understands human nature as well as the nature of AD/HD. He captures readers with his wisdom and poet’s touch.”

Ron Weckerly grew up in Freeport, Ill., with an uncertain future because of his undiagnosed AD/HD. His teachers, coaches and peers did not expect Ron to graduate from high school because of his severe disorders. Labeled as lazy, unmotivated, hyper, retarded and as a “water head,” he faced many social and psychological challenges at an early age. Ron graduated 30th from the bottom of his high school class.

Weckerly’s determination and grit surprised others who had negative expectations where he would journey in the future. He went into the military, then attended college at Illinois State University in Normal. Wanting to help others and make a difference in their lives, he launched a teaching career.

While at ISU, Weckerly earned an undergraduate degree in sociology-anthropology and psychology. Later, he received a MS degree in education. He is certified in Learning Behavior Specialist I, Learning Disabilities, Social and Emotional Disorders, and self-contained general education (K-9). He has many hours in training in gifted education, and has his Type 75, Administrators Endorsement from Northern Illinois University.

During his 31 years of teaching, he taught fourth, fifth and sixth grades in elementary school as well as behavioral disordered and learning disabled students. He spent his last 10 years teaching middle school U.S. History.

The book is available from Outskirts Press at http://www.outskirtspress.com/poemspathwaysandpeace ISBN No. 978-1-59800-544-8.

From the Dec. 8-14, 2010 issue

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