Raw Energy: Naturally sweet

By Brenda Richter

We hear it all the time—what we feed our bodies is a reflection of how we feel and look. One must not forget that the little things count, too.

Consider gum. Almost every variety of gum contains aspartame, as well as many other packaged products.

Do you know what aspartame is? Aspartame is fecal matter of e-coli bacteria that was genetically engineered, that is fed toxic waste and then defecates aspartame.

Some studies have suggested aspartame causes and/or contributes to: seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, leukemia, dizziness, confusion, hyperactivity in children, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, menstrual changes, weight gain, severe PMS, anxiety, severe depression, aggression, ulcers, birth defects, lower birth weight, early birth, miscarriages and more!

Aspartame-free gum may be purchased at a health food store. (For more information, check out: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel?feature=chclk#p/u/5/MSpkLk0vYmk.)

Choose better or natural sweeteners like raw sugar cane, natural honey, stevia, agave, dates or fresh fruit! It is so important for one’s well-being to pull away and/or significantly decrease the amount of packaged foods and refined sweeteners in your diet.

Want something new, different or utterly decadent to satisfy that sweet tooth that is free from refined sugar, sugar substitutes, and other refined and processed ingredients? Learn about raw foods and love it RAW. Recalibrate that sweet tooth! Learn more. Go to myrawenergy.com.

Brenda Richter is a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where she received her certification as a Raw Culinary Arts associate chef and instructor. She’s passionate about sharing the living foods lifestyle with others, and teaches raw culinary arts classes in the Rockford area.

From the Dec. 8-14, 2010 issue

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