To the Editor: Open letter to the people in charge of speed signs

When are you going to update the signs? Going east on State Street, the signs say 30 mph. Everyone is going at least 45. And when it gets to Welty and turns to 35, everyone is going 45 or 50. On Forest Hills, the sign says 45 mph; when it turns to 40, no one slows down. Everyone is going 60. On North Main, the sign says 30 mph. Everyone is going 45. On Alpine, it is a race to see who can go faster than the 40 or 45 mph the sign says. I don’t understand why the signs are not updated to the speed limit that everyone is going. I heard the signs are expensive. If you were to get the cops out there and giving tickets, you would have lots of money. No lights in the evening, no lights when it is raining, not stopping for stop signs. Rural is bad for that, not to mention no one is going 30 mph.

Beverly Davies


From the Dec. 8-14, 2010 issue

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