Rockford Capital Leasing finds a creative edge

Len and Virginia La Passo in Rockford Capital Leasing's office. Photo provided

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Rockford Capital Leasing, an equipment leasing company specializing in lease financing for industrial and commercial companies, has found their new creative niche.

Husband and wife team Len and Virginia LaPasso, along with their administrative assistant, Jennifer Krantz, run the company. Len and Virginia have a long history with the Rockford artistic community, including involvement in the Rockford Dance Company, the Rockford Symphony Orchestra and the Rockford Art Museum. They both enjoy participating in the northern Illinois art scene, including attending many art openings in the region.

Their new office at 4249 E. State St., Suite 301 has become a wonderful display of their artistic admiration. The office is tastefully filled with wonderful artwork including prints from famous artists, original work from local artists and artwork created by Virginia. Two large Rothko prints along with a Jackson Pollack print adorn the walls of the reception and lobby. Len’s office has work by Deiberkorn and O’Keefe, but is accentuated with a beautiful, enlongated fabric collage that was created by his wife, Virginia. They also have local art, including a ceramic piece by Robert Sunday and a Tom Heflin print.

Len, Virginia and Jennifer are all practicing artists. Len has found much of his love and understanding of art through Virginia. He loves modern art (1945-present) and creates portraits with conté crayons. Virginia is a collage artist working in mixed-media and book design. She was a professor at the University of Nebraska, where she taught classes in design. Krantz, who recently earned a master of fine arts degree from the University of Chicago, creates large-scaled abstract paintings. She owns a studio in her home in Winnebago and continues to show regionally, including her most recent show at the Freeport Art Museum.

Len says: “Our office tends not to be a destination for customers; however, when customers come here, we want them to feel comfortable. The artwork gives a little something extra to hopefully make their visit more pleasant.”

Virginia says: “The Raushenberg is my favorite piece. I love his combination of collage and free brushwork and the way he composes space.”

Jennifer says: “It was amazing to first walk into the Rockford Capital Leasing office and find so much great artwork. As an artist, I find myself judging the décor of many places. It was a surprise to see how much great art Rockford Capital has—and this new office really accentuates the artwork nicely. It really makes me feel welcome every morning to see these pieces here. It is also a perk to work for people who are artists and understand what it is like to make art and work toward advancing your artistic career. They have been very supportive of my artistic career through giving advice and attending my art openings.”

Rockford Capital Leasing specializes in lease financing for industrial and commercial companies purchasing metal working machines, CNC machines, computers, computer peripheral and other standard factory and office equipment. For more information, contact Rockford Capital Leasing at (815) 399-9610 or visit

From the Dec. 15-21, 2010 issue

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