To the Editor: Man doesn’t run this planet, God does

Editor’s note: This writer is replying to a letter to the editor by Kathy Kilmer of The Wilderness Society that appeared in the Nov. 17-23, 2010, issue, under the topic, “Save the Clean Air Act!”

Clean Air Act.

Kathy Kilmer: Do you really think that man can destroy the earth? In 1609, John Locke wrote “the necessity of pursuing happiness (is) the foundation of Liberty.”

When God gave the world to mankind, “HE” commanded man to labor and subdue the earth, to improve it for the benefit of life.

I think man has done that, don’t you? What man has accomplished in the last 2010 years is unbelievable. Sure, there have been wars, epidemics, plagues, etc. But man has subdued these with the help of God.

Without CO2, this planet would be a dead planet; man breathes out CO2, trees make oxygen for man to breathe. Don’t you think God planned it that way?

The EPA (The Wilderness Society) has been a thorn in America’s side since Nixon gave in to them. What have they accomplished?

I was in California most of the last two years. One of the greatest farm lands in the world was shut down, people out of work, fruit trees died. Why? Because a small fish was being killed in irrigation pumps. I ask you, should these people (EPA) be able to do this to American farmers?

The EPA is just one of the government agencies that has no experience and don’t care about America, the Greatest Nation on Earth that Man has built to date.

CO2 doesn’t cause global warming!!

James Davis

Byron, Ill.

From the Dec. 15-21, 2010 issue

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